The Foundry MODO 11.2V1 Free Download For Mac OS X

Designed to meet the growing challenges of film, gaming, television, print and many other markets, LUXOLOGY MODO for Mac is a powerful 3D modeling rendering tool. MODO combines a very advanced real-time tessellation engine, fast, flexible and scalable modeling tools, and one of the most innovative and flexible user interfaces ever.

Due to the flexible nature of the tools and interfaces in the mood, modo’s creation of any type of model is excellent. From hard-surfaced organisms to real-time meshes from low-resolution high-resolution membrane models, MODO has all the tools you need.

MODO for Mac for Artists Creates a world of production to fill the void.

Today’s 3D modeling requires a more powerful set of modeling tools in a real-time environment designed to manipulate subdivision surfaces. MODO provides the framework for this toolset designed to expand. This allows Artists to create more detailed models in a shorter timetable in an interactive environment.

The customizable nature of mode allows these advanced artists to carve tools to the point where their production requirements make productivity jump to a new level and Artists can build entirely on the environment in modo.

MODO enables creative exploration of possible fast and intuitive polygon modeling and engraving tools that allow you more time to explore and visualize new ideas to
provide preset values with highly integrated modeling, drawing, engraving, effects, animations and Unlimited network rendering capabilities
ensure reuse of philosophical tools, easy to learn workflow and a fully customizable user interface that is unparalleled in any other 3D software
Seamless integration into existing pipelines with built-in Python Scripting and Versatile SDK for
Interactive Design Review Realistic Preview Rendering Receives Immediate Results

Screenshot Software Screenshots:The Foundry MODO 11.2V1 Free Download For Mac OS X

System Requirements System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

download link:


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